I’ve made a post titled “Self Portability” previously. In that, I wrote as follows:

In my opinion, we should not customize tools drastically. It’d reduce your portability.

At the heart of this quote, I meant we shouldn’t get accustomed to specific tools too much. If you’re too hooked into a tool, say, Emacs, it brainwashes you to think things in Emacs way. Trust me. I was one of the guys before.

If you get addicted to Emacs, you want everything to work the same as Emacs. If you can’t use Emacs key-bind in your Google Chrome, you’ll get upset. When you try using IntelliJ, you’ll throw it away 5 minutes after installing it because Emacs-mode of it is slightly different from your actual Emacs.

It’s no good. Don’t get addicted to specific software.

You should be able to choose the right software any time. In my opinion, IntelliJ or VS Code is the way to go if you’re a programmer. Use one of them. Fully embrace the features they provide. BUT, don’t get too accustomed to them either. In the future, there appears better software. History proves it.